Singing school London UK

It’s a whole new world out there and looking for a real singing school in London UK doesn’t necessarily mean you have to travel for hours on public transportation to get to some building somewhere, only to find out that the singing school doesn’t have a vocal coach who can sing themselves.

The most powerful and effective singing school in the world is Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy and you don’t HAVE to travel to London to join.

A powerful singing school with options…

At Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy YOU decide how you want to learn:

On DVD/CD combo – and/or:
Digital Downloads – and/or:
Online LIVE via webcam

You can buy the course, download it and start singing NOW! There is only ONE WAY to properly learn how to sing, and that is from a vocal coach who will SHOW YOU how to sing, not just TELL YOU how to sing.

What You’ll Learn…
How to sing ANY STYLE of singing, perfectly!
Unbelievable Tone, Pitch and Clarity!
Incredible range without strain!
How to sing for hours without getting tired!
How to eliminate stage-fright!
How to maintain your new incredibly healthy voice!
And much, much more!

You are never alone…
Meet over 1,700 of your fellow KTVA vocalists from all over the world in our amazing community forum!

We have vocalists from the UK, France, Holland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia, Japan, South America, South Africa, Hong Kong, Malasia, Australia, and of course from all over the USA. The forum is here for you to meet other vocalists, share your progress and ideas, and to seek and offer support whenever you want.

You can often times find Ken Tamplin cruising around the forum, too – and it is also the place where we announce our advanced training webinars!

The bottom line:

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy is by far the best singing school in London UK, but don’t take our word for it, poke around in our forum, ask questions of fellow vocal students, read reviews, watch FREE vocal demonstrations, and then choose which singing school is best for you!